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Sponsors | German American Conference at Harvard


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Hubert Burda Media

With over 500 print and digital consumer media and major technology projects, Burda is one of Germany’s largest media and tech companies. We want to actively shape the changes taking place in the media world. With 10,300 employees around the globe, we drive our products with expertise and entrepreneurial passion.

Journalistic content is the foundation of our work and the root of our value creation process. We create and curate fascinating content. Through our media, we inform individuals, entertain, inspire and help them. We aspire to gain a deep understanding of our products right down to their technological basis. For us, investing in basic technologies is an investment in independence and autonomy. We launched our first four-colour gravure printing facility in 1935; today, with Cliqz and Thunder, we are developing technologies for a freer internet. All our products and services focus on our end customers. And every day we set our sights on earning and maintaining the trust of our users.

To attract and to hold highly talented individuals, we strive to provide professional environments built upon accountability, openness and respect. Environments that are fruitful and offer space for ideas and resources to grow. It is everyone’s own responsibility to seize the opportunities made available to them. Our people are open-minded, actively push for change and build new things in diverse teams. Only then can we reach our most important goal: working together towards growth, whilst striving for something new.

Hubert Burda Media operates in four divisions: National Digital Brands, National Media Brands, International Media Brands and Printing. In 2015, our organization generated revenues of EUR 2.2 billion. With its headquarters in Munich and Offenburg, Germany, Burda is active in 20 different countries.

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The Boston Consulting Group

The Boston Consulting Group, as a worldwide leader in strategic consulting, stands for the innovative solutions that we carry out in collaboration with our clients. Founded in the U.S. in 1963, BCG today maintains 85 offices throughout the world, of which eight are located in Germany and Austria. Globally, BCG generated revenues of $5 billion in 2015 with a total of 12,000 employees.

We provide consulting services in all industries and business sectors. Our consulting approach starts with a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and their specific market and competitive situations. In cooperation with the clients, we then develop tailored solutions and support their implementation and establishment at the respective companies.

BCG seeks exceptional graduates in all fields as well as young professionals eager to learn continuously and take on new challenges. We are looking for people with self-initiative, curiosity, and keen perceptive faculties. Abstract, analytical reasoning and confidence in working with numbers are just as important for consulting work as communication skills and a deep desire to make a difference.

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Strategy& helps clients develop strategies to address their biggest challenges – and turn ideas into action

Strategy&, PwC’s strategy consulting group, is a new kind of consulting business. Strategy& is a leading strategy team and helps PwC as a whole become the pre-eminent strategy- through-execution firm in 157 countries with over 223,000 people.

Strategy& is unique and offers clients something they can’t get elsewhere: a combination of strategy consulting expertise, and a proven track record of delivery, with unrivalled global scale and experience.

We carry forward the century-strong legacy of Booz & Company. The namesake of the oldest continually existing strategy consultancy in the world, Edwin Booz actually established the entire management consulting profession in 1914. On these storied foundations, we’ve built a distinct and powerful strategy house within the global PwC network when Booz & Company combined with PwC to create this new kind of consulting business in 2014.

You want to work on real challenges and deliver real impact? Strategy& is the right place for you.

By joining Strategy&, you will be part of a legacy of pioneering ideas. You’ll work with the brightest minds to solve today’s most challenging strategic issues and inspire companies to take bold actions. You’ll be surrounded by supportive and collaborative people who are genuinely dedicated to helping you learn and grow. You will turn big ideas into action, reshape business, and create lasting impact. Join us!


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One of the world’s largest and most prestigious airlines, Lufthansa, serving 22 North American gateways, currently flies to 194 destinations in 76 countries. The air carrier offers hubs in Frankfurt and Munich. With the Lufthansa Group acquisition of Austrian Airlines, SWISS and Brussels Airlines, additional hubs include Vienna, Brussels, and Zurich. The entire Group flew a total of 95.8 million passengers in 2016. In 2017’s summer schedule, the Group airlines offer almost 20,000 weekly frequencies to 289 destinations in 103 countries worldwide. As an industry innovator, Lufthansa has long been committed to environmental care and sustainability, operating one of the most technologically-advanced and fuel-efficient fleets in the world. Its long-haul fleet to and from North America includes the Boeing 747-8,the Airbus A380 and the Airbus A350-900, which are some of the most environmentally-friendly passenger aircraft in the aviation industry. Lufthansa is the largest European operator of the A380 and was also the launch customer for the Boeing 747-8. The Lufthansa Group currently has 180 new aircraft on order to be delivered by 2025. This year, the Lufthansa Group will take delivery of 22 new aircraft, which includes the A350, for Lufthansa alone. Known for its premium services, Lufthansa continues to build new or upgrade existing lounge facilities across its worldwide network. Lufthansa’s entire long-haul fleet now features all new onboard products in each class– bringing Lufthansa one step closer to becoming the first five-star airline in the Western Hemisphere. Additionally, the entire Lufthansa long-haul fleet is equipped with its onboard broadband wireless Internet service, FlyNet. For more information or reservations, visit LH.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (‘lufthansa’).


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Haniel Foundation

Opening perspectives, promoting ideas Innovative energy, commitment to achievement, social responsibility – entrepreneurial thinking and actions in line with these values are a driving force behind social development. The Haniel Foundation therefore supports people who have the courage and vision to want to find a new way of working and to shape the future on a sustainable basis. For this purpose, it also invests in projects outside Germany.

Establishing connections, learning from each other The Haniel Foundation concentrates on four main areas in its work. Firstly, it supports young talent with scholarships for study trips and internships abroad. Its main focus here is on Europe, Asia and the USA. Secondly, the foundation works with selected universities to establish courses encouraging international knowledge transfer. Thirdly, it sets up platforms for exchanging opinions and experiences. For example, experts from business, politics and society discuss global developments at its events. And fourthly, the Haniel Foundation supports projects which help young people achieve a better level of education.

Strong support for more than 20 years The Haniel Foundation is a non-profit foundation based in Duisburg. It was established in 1988 by Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH with foundation assets of approximately five million euros. By 2000, it had doubled its assets through additional donations – mainly from the founding company and its shareholders. At the time of the 250 year anniversary of Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH in 2006, its capital was increased. It has since risen to around 45 million euros. The foundation currently provides more than two million euros for grants each year. Around half of this goes on scholarships.

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Celonis has one very simple goal: to analyze today’s processes to make tomorrow’s world more efficient.  We are dedicated to pursuing this vision with passion and purposefulness.  In our opinion, any company can achieve great things, regardless of its size, industry, or history.  Celonis process mining is the new standard in Big Data Analytics designed to help companies around the world save valuable time and money through improved process transparency and efficiency.  We hope you will join us on this journey.

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Porsche Consulting

Lean and successful – these attributes are associated with Porsche today. But that has not always been the case: the sports car maker faced a serious crisis in the early 1990s. A radical new approach and modernization process were needed. And they were successful. Porsche managed to turn itself around in just three years. Its successful new structure also led to the birth of a new subsidiary in August of 1994: the management consultancy known as Porsche Consulting.

Founded with a staff of four, Porsche Consulting now has more than 400 employees. Our consultants take precisely the practical expertise that continues to fuel the success of Porsche AG and pass it on to companies from a wide range of industries. We may therefore be the only management consultancy to have successfully tested all of its methods and recommendations within its own corporation.

The majority of our consulting work takes place outside of Porsche AG. Porsche Consulting advises corporations and medium-sized companies worldwide in the automobile and automotive supply, aviation and aerospace, as well as industrial goods industries. Clients also come from the construction, consumer goods, retail, and service sectors. Porsche Consulting has offices in Stuttgart, Hamburg, Munich, Milan, São Paulo, Atlanta, and Shanghai.

What makes us unique is not only the Porsche name, but also the ability to put well thought-out strategies effectively into practice. Our employees view themselves as entrepreneurs within the company. They take responsibility early on and they enjoy a high degree of creative freedom to shape new solutions and put them into practice. Moreover, as a strong and innovative team, we constantly analyze what we ourselves are doing.

We are growing, which means we are constantly on the lookout for new colleagues who are very capable, who want to make a difference – and who can expect a lot from us.

The Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies

The Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies (CES) was founded in 1969 at Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences to promote the understanding of Europe in the United States and to facilitate the training of new generations of scholars and experts on Europe.  

For over forty years, CES has been committed to inspiring the interdisciplinary study of European history, politics, economy and society.  Its programs and faculty attract top students from around the world and influence debate on important issues facing Europe.  It has been a place of deep intellectual engagement between European and American scholars and practitioners of public policy.

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The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung is a non-profit German political foundation committed to the advancement of public policy issues in the spirit of the basic values of social democracy through education, research, and international cooperation. The foundation, headquartered in Bonn and Berlin, was founded in 1925 and is named after Friedrich Ebert, Germany’s first democratically elected president.

Today, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation has six adult education centers and 13 regional offices throughout Germany, maintains branch offices in over 90 countries and carries out activities in more than 100 countries.

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Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

The German Information Center (GIC) is the Public Diplomacy Department of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Washington DC.

In its 50 years of existence, it has fostered the dialogue between the United States and Germany by offering the US audience a blend of deep looks into modern and traditional Germany. This includes newsworthy information as well as insights on German politics, economics and culture.

The GIC is steadily broadening its toolbox comprising various outreach activities, print publications, exchange programs and roundtable discussions on challenges that affect both sides of the Atlantic. Of course, 21st Century Public Diplomacy also takes place in the digital world: While the GIC keeps its followers updated on various social media outlets, its website, www.germany.info/GIC offers detailed information regarding activities as well as an electronic newsletter.

In 2015, Germany will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its reunification, which will be one of the major topics addressed by the GIC during the year.


Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany

The Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Boston covers the six New England states. The current Consul General is Dr. Ralf Horlemann who has been holding this position since July 2015.

The German Consulate General focuses on fostering the political, economic, scientific, and cultural cooperation between Germany and New England. Due to the large concentration of colleges and universities in New England, the German Consulate General focuses on the promotion of sciences and strives to enhance academic and scientific research exchange programs and partnerships. Another critical component of the Consulate’s work consists of trade promotion and investments as well as the cooperation with regional partners in the fields of innovation and energy policy. 

Regular consular and legal services are provided to German expatriates, U.S. citizens and foreign nationals.

2017 marks the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome that laid the foundation for the European Union we know it today. It is also the year to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Marshall Plan, a reconstruction program that ultimately led to the rebuilding of Western Europe after its destruction during World War II. The Consulate General will commemorate both anniversaries arranging special programs and activities.

The German Consulate General in Boston values its close cooperation with other local German institutions. It partners closely with the Goethe Institute, the German International School Boston and the German American Business Council.  Another critical element of the Consulate’s work is to constantly build and maintain cooperation with US partner organizations that are engaged in strengthening transatlantic ties and fostering the German-American friendship.

Siemens Management Consulting

Siemens Management Consulting (SMC) is the top management strategy consultancy of Siemens.We support Siemens businesses worldwide in developing solutions to meet twenty-first century challenges.

Based out of offices in Beijing, Mumbai, and Munich, our consultants develop trendsetting strategies in areas ranging from renewable energy to healthcare, pioneering new business initiatives like digital factories, infrastructure solutions, and emerging market entries. Our consulting services span the spectrum from strategy development and benchmarking through to growth and innovation projects.

The mission of SMC is twofold: To increase the competitiveness of Siemens in a sustainable fashion and to train future leaders for the company. At SMC we offer you attractive career perspectives at one of the world’s most innovative and globally active companies, a steep learning curve and a working environment that’s shaped by the value: “Nobody is perfect, but a team can be.”

Have we sparked your interest?

Then take the next step in building your career as a strategy consultant at Siemens Management Consulting, and apply now.


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With more than 11,000 scholars, the Studienstiftung (German National Academic Foundation) is the largest and oldest organisation sponsoring the academically gifted in Germany. It is non-political and non-denominational. The Studienstiftung promotes future excellence in the areas of science, business, public administration, and the arts. Through its sponsorship programme it promotes academic consolidation, interdisciplinary dialogue, a cosmopolitan world view and international experience. The Studienstiftung is financially supported and subsidised by the Federal Government of Germany, the German Federal States and local authorities as well as by a large number of private donors.

The German National Academic Foundation was founded in Dresden in 1925, dissolved in 1934 and re-founded as a registered association in Cologne in 1948. During its existence, it has sponsored more than 50,000 exceptionally gifted students and doctoral candidates. Each year, more than 2,500 new scholars join the Foundation

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is a private, publicly funded, self-governing organization of higher education institutions in Germany. DAAD promotes international academic relations and cooperation by offering mobility programs primarily for students and faculty, but also for administrators and others in the higher education realm.

DAAD is the German national agency for the support of international academic cooperation. We offer programs and funding for students, faculty, researchers and others in higher education, providing financial support to almost 120,000 individuals per year. We also represent the German higher education system abroad, promote Germany as an academic and research destination, and help build ties between institutions around the world.


Separating ourselves from the crowd

“Vorsprung durch Technik” or, “Progress through Technology” is our company ethos and is the core belief that drives the development of every Audi vehicle. It inspires the innovative solutions, revolutionary engineering and progressive design that have become synonymous with the Audi name. And it reminds us to challenge ourselves, rewrite the rules from time to time and always fuel our pioneering spirit. The spirit that sets us apart on the racetrack and the open road.

Silver Sponsor



Silver Sponsor




Goethe-Institut Boston

For over 40 years, the Goethe-Institut Boston has been promoting an ongoing dialogue and exchange between American and German artists and experts in order to present German culture abroad and help shape a current understanding of Germany today.  It is located in the historic Back Bay/Beacon Hill area, provides services for the six New England states and is the contact point for anyone interested in German culture and for those who want to study or teach German. The language department offers a full range of language courses and official exams.

The Goethe-Institut Boston was the first Goethe-Institut in the United States and founded in 1967. The work of the Goethe-Institut Boston is integrated into the North American region, along with New York (regional head office), Washington, Chicago, San Francisco und Los Angeles (USA), Montréal, Ottawa and Toronto (Canada) and Mexico City (Mexico).

German-American Business Council of Boston, Inc. (GABC) is a non-profit member-driven organization dedicated to connecting German and American companies and entrepreneurs in both directions across the Atlantic. Through monthly business presentations, networking events, and cultural gatherings, the GABC provides a trusted forum for the exchange of knowledge and ideas, and for face-to-face contact between its members.  Learn more at  www.gabc-boston.org .

GABC is honored to once again be a Co-host of the Innovation Lounge at the 9th Annual German-American Conference at Harvard 2017.  This two-day symposium is an excellent opportunity for attendees, students and sponsors to make connections with decision makers and influential professionals within our large network.  We truly hope you can attend this special event.

Silver Sponsor & Co-host of the Innovation Lounge

Center for Public Leadership

Since its founding in 2000 with a generous gift from Leslie and Abigail Wexner, the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard Kennedy School has established itself as one of the world’s premier institutions for leadership training and a hub for scholarship in public service leadership and behavioral decision-making. Utilizing a multi-pronged approach to leadership training that bridges rigorous academic preparation and the world of practice, CPL equips this generation’s brightest stars to exercise leadership in a world responding to a rapidly array of economic, political, and social challenges.

About the Center for Public Leadership

Established through a generous gift from a foundation funded by Les and Abigail Wexner, the Center for Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School seeks to develop a steady flow of leaders who will serve the public good, and promote groundbreaking scholarship in areas relating to leadership. Under the direction of Executive Director Patricia Bellinger and Co-Directors Max Bazerman and David Gergen, the Center pursues its mission in three distinct ways:

  • Identifying, investing in, and supporting the rising generation’s brightest stars through robust fellowships and cutting-edge leadership development programs.
  • Extending the frontiers of knowledge through research and scholarship on leadership, public service, and decision-making.
  • Convening the world’s pre-eminent scholars and advocates for public service across fields and disciplines for game-changing engagement with students and faculty.

CPL’s programming combines the tools of strategic and financial policy analysis—academic coursework of the first order—with self-understanding and communication tools that equip its students to handle the complexities of modern leadership.

German American Chamber of Commerce

For over 65 years, the German American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (GACC) has actively promoted business between Germany and the U.S. As part of a network of German American Chambers of Commerce, the GACC acts as the official representation of German industry and trade for the 14 Northeastern states and 10 Western states. The Chamber network serves its approximately 2,500 member companies with over 300 informational events per year as well as targeted market research and consulting services. The GACC supports companies from their initial market entry to development of strategic business partnerships. Specialized services include support of work authorization for student internships, industry specific projects, vocational training support and a new approach to startups beginning with our unique STEP NYC program.

Latham & Watkins

Since 1934 Latham & Watkins has served clients based on an ethic of hard work and a commitment to quality, values which continue to guide the firm today. From a beginning of three lawyers focused on labor and tax law, we have grown into a global full-service law firm. Latham offers clients:

· More than 2,200 lawyers in the world’s major financial, business and regulatory centres, located in 14 countries
· More than 60 internationally recognized practices across a number of industries
· Latham’s lawyers speak 55 languages.

Consistently ranked in the top tier by leading legal and business publications such as The American Lawyer, Financial Times, Mergermarket, Chambers and Partners, The Legal 500 and Asia Legal Business, we deliver advice and representation in almost any legal or geographic area important to clients’ enterprises.

More than 170 Latham lawyers in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich serve German and international clients as part of one of the world’s premier, full-service business law firms.



Silver Sponsor




Members of the Kennedy School Student Government (KSSG) represent their classmates and convey student ideas and concerns to the Harvard Kennedy School administration and faculty members, to help ensure that their student experience is rewarding and memorable. They also organize events throughout the academic year, including dances, family-friendly gatherings, and the HKS Talent Show.

Silver Sponsor

The German Accelerator

The German Accelerator supports German tech startups to enter the U.S. market. The German Accelerator provides startups with hands-on mentoring at its locations in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, New York City, and from January 2016 onwards also in Boston. The three months program is open to a broad range of startups from ICT related sectors. The new Accelerator in Boston will have a particular focus on Life Science. Ideal participants generate domestic revenue, enjoy customer traction and have the potential for category leadership in a large, global market.

Axel Springer

One of Europe’s largest media companies also started off in a kind of garage. Axel Springer founded his publishing house in Hamburg in 1946; the editors spent the first year working above a warehouse for tea and spices, often without electricity and using borrowed typewriters.

As a result of consistent internationalization and digitization, Axel Springer SE today is not only market leader in the German print business, but is also active in more than 40 countries through subsidiaries, joint ventures and licenses.

Now it is a question of pressing ahead with digitization even faster and more vigorously. For Axel Springer SE, informative and entertaining journalism is a viable business model also in future on the Internet, along with marketing and classifieds, the other two business segments in which the company is traditionally strong.

In the tradition of its founder, who fostered journalistic and technological innovations in his time, Axel Springer SE is breaking new ground. The company is consistently pursuing the objective of building up a fast-growing and profitable digital portfolio, and for this reason is networking today more than ever before with the current generation of founders: digital start-ups. Along with the transformation of our established strong media brands, our own new developments online and strategically-oriented acquisitions of web companies, this network is one of the building blocks of the company’s international digitization strategy: Axel Springer SE wants to become the leading digital publisher.


WirtschaftsWoche is Germany’s leading topical business magazine. Every Friday, it features up-to-date reports and articles on business and related themes, presented in a reader-friendly and informative format appealing to decision-makers in business and industry. Drawing on a worldwide network of correspondents and partners, over 100 experts analyse key developments and global trends. Because there’s nothing more exciting than business – every week.

Siemens Corporation

Siemens Corporation is a U.S. subsidiary of Siemens AG, a global powerhouse focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization. One of the world’s largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies, Siemens is a leading supplier of systems for power generation and transmission as well as medical diagnosis. With approximately 348,000 employees in more than 190 countries, Siemens reported worldwide revenue of $86.2 billion in fiscal 2015. Siemens in the USA reported revenue of $22.4 billion, including $5.5 billion in exports, and employs approximately 50,000 people throughout all 50 states and Puerto Rico. For more information, visit www.usa.siemens.com.

Siemens Energy Management on the Road

What’s important to your customers is important to us too. As the energy landscape continues to evolve, how can you provide them with the right solutions to keep their operations efficient, secure, reliable, and optimized through digitalization? Learn how Siemens has helped customers turn challenging opportunities into outcomes across the entire energy chain – generation, transmission, distribution, all the way through consumption.

Gold Partner


InTeahouse, founded in 2015, by global entrepreneur and investor Xin Liu, supports a worldwide network of innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors through its Teahubs in Boston, New York, San Francisco, Munich, Hangzhou, and Beijing; with more locations scheduled to open in 2017 and 2018. The InTeahouse member network, InFriends, provides access to unique experiences and content designed to connect startup founders, investors, and corporate executives connect with the resources they need to fuel their businesses.

InTeahouse hosts International Industry Summits quarterly where selected startups in robotics, advanced materials, life sciences, cleantech, telecommunications, new media, and fintech products and services have the opportunity to travel globally to meet thousands of investors and partners. Recent summits include the US-China Robotics Summit in October 2016 and the US-China Life Sciences Summit in 2017. More information can be found on the InTeahouse website at: http://inteahouse.com/
About InSeven Investment Program 

InTeahouse announces its InSeven Investment Program, a unique opportunity for startups focused on building the next generation of robotics, advanced materials, life sciences, cleantech, telecommunications, new media, and fintech products and services.

Through its InSeven Investment Program, InTeahouse will select an exclusive set of startups to accelerate with an investment of $70,000; a year of collaborative work space; access to an international network of advisors, mentors, investors, and customers; and follow-on capital options. For these investments, InTeahouse receives a seven percent common stock equity stake in each startup.

InSeven launches with a pitch competition on May 13, 2017. Startups interested in participating may view additional information and apply at: http://inteahouse.com/inseven/

Silver Sponsor



The McCloy program supports rising talents in doing a Master’s degree at Harvard Kennedy School. It includes a full scholarship valued to around 150.000 US Dollar and admission to the McCloy network.


Supporting Partner