Transforming the Energy Paradigm – Leaders Across the Atlantic

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In shaping a sustainable energy future, efforts come from actors across the board – from global to local, public to private, and everywhere in between. In Germany, the federal government and civil society have taken center stage in driving the German “Energiewende”, its transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. In the United States, with long-standing partisan gridlock at the federal level, state and local efforts are quicker to take action. Internationally, city-level transitions are gaining traction. New enterprises are reshaping the energy industry. The private sector is mobilizing resources towards sustainable energy. The list goes on.

Here, panelists will discuss the “who” and “what next” of shaping our energy future in Germany, the US, and globally. Where can more effective collaboration be developed to address major obstacles? What lessons can be learned from both sides of the Atlantic?