Lessons for Investment and Innovation on Both Sides of the Atlantic

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Traditionally, the U.S. has been the startup hub of the world and while this is still true, also other countries around the world recognize how important a healthy entrepreneurship environment is for economic growth and to foster innovation. One of the most crucial aspects that defines the attractiveness of a place for entrepreneurship is the access to funding to start and grow a business.
In this panel, we want to address the importance of investment itself and then further explore the differences between investment in Germany and the U.S. What kinds of investors (Business Angel, Venture Capitalists, PE funds, corporate investors etc.) do exist and what are their motivation to make their investments? What strategy are the different investors following and what value can they add beside their monetary support? How do they identify success stories? And most of all, what are the biggest differences between investment in the U.S. and Germany? Is it really all about risk consciousness?

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