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Next Generation Mobility | German American Conference at Harvard

Next Generation Mobility

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Project Description

The merging of car manufacturing and fast-paced tech-driven innovation will disrupt one of the leading industries in the US and Germany–the automotive industry. The push of new powerful players in this well-established industry calls for a change within incumbents. Sensors feeding sophisticated algorithms with real-time information from vehicles and infrastructure, are transforming traditional vehicles to  cyber-physical systems. Other technological advances such as the development of evermore-powerful electrical storage and charging systems are enabling new forms of mobility. Current ridesharing or on-demand mobility concepts show impressive potential for urban environments and lead towards the ultimate goal of autonomous driving.

This panel is guided by questions such as: How is the current industry adapting to these changes and which business models will establish themselves? What role do policymakers play in order to prepare the infrastructure and the economy for new mobility concepts? What will car-ownership look like in the future, and who owns the “gold of the 21st century”–the data collected by vehicles?
The panel is comprised of high-level speakers representing multiple viewpoints. Not only industry and research opinions need to be heard, but also political interests cannot be missed out in such a discussion about our future transportation systems. This panel will stimulate people to actively think about new forms of urban mobility and ultimately the introduction of driverless vehicles: How will new mobility concepts connect future generations?

Icons made by Dave Gandy from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY