Academia in the Face of Globalization and Digitalization

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The digital revolution has made its mark on every industry of our globalized world, and has even found its way into academia. The limitless exchange of ideas, especially across international borders, may have once seemed like a distant dream, but such opportunities are more realistic now than ever before. At the same time, however, policymakers must grapple with challenging questions concerning rising costs, the expansion of online learning platforms, and which models of higher education will best educate future generations to be productive members of society. Especially in light of increasing political polarization in the developed world, we must think about how we can best foster a constructive transatlantic academic dialogue with the new tools we have available to us.
Taking a look into the future, this panel will make an attempt to provide answers to the question of how education will evolve: What will learning look like a few decades from now? Could artificial intelligence and virtual reality replace traditional teaching? How will international mobility for students and researchers change the way research is done? Who is going to pay for it? And – how can we prepare institutions to utilize collaboration in academia to best connect future generations?

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