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August 30 | German American Conference at Harvard

August 30


August 30

Returning from the summer ‘break‘…


It has been three long months since the end of the last semester: three months to work, to travel, to relax and to meet with friends.


Three months to work:

Discussing policy options with ministers in Albania, organizing programming competitions in Nepal, discussing research results in Brazil or even co-hosting a German TV show. It is safe to say that we used our summer well…


Three months to travel and relax:

Trekking in Ecuador, hiking in the Andes, rock climbing in the Alps, road trips in Eastern Europe or spending some quality time with our beloved families: We recharged our batteries for the new year to come.


Three months to meet with friends:

After a long year in Cambridge, we had the chance to catch up with old friends at home, as well as making new friends at our summer locations. But above all, the GAC beer meetings helped our Cambridge crowd to stay connected.


Now, it is time to pack our bags and come back, to collect our belongings from storage units, to re-activate our brain cells and above all to meet again with our Cambridge friends. While our first GAC team meeting is only happening in a week from know, the preparations of our various teams are already ongoing. Skype calls across various time zones – often late at night – helped us to plan ahead, confirm speakers, make travel arrangements and keep the GAC train running…

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